Why Pilates at PhysioFit? | Physio FIT
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Why Pilates at PhysioFit?

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Why Pilates at PhysioFit?

Pilates is a fun, social way of improving your body’s strength and flexibility under the close supervision of an experienced physiotherapist. Whether you are interested in injury rehabilitation/prevention or are just after a controlled exercise class, Pilates at PhysioFit could be for you.

Pilates involves a series of exercises designed to strengthen the deep stabiliser muscles of your back, pelvis and shoulder girdle whilst improving balance, flexibility, coordination and posture. The exercises can be individually tailored to your skill level and goals.

PhysioFit Pilates classes are run by qualified physiotherapists to provide you with a safe exercise environment. Thorough one-on-one screenings are offered prior to starting classes, highlighting the body areas that require attention whilst assessing any current/old injuries.  Small class sizes (max. 3 people) allow for close supervision and optimal improvement.

Classes consist of matwork and gym ball exercises, as well as light weights. One-on-one reformer sessions are also available.

The following conditions can be improved with PhysioFit Pilates:

  • Low back pain
  • Incontinence/pelvic floor insufficiency
  • Poor posture
  • Shoulder instability
  • Hip/groin pain
  • Upper back pain
  • Poor balance
  • Poor flexibility