Why do I have a headache? | Physio FIT
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Why do I have a headache?

Why do I have a headache?

Do you suffer from headaches that are associated with neck pain or stiffness? Chances are you are experiencing a cerviocegenic or neck headache.  Cervicogenic headaches account for approximately 20% of all headaches.

Physiotherapy can treat the cause of these types of headaches by loosening the joints and muscles in the neck and providing exercises to retrain weak muscles and correct posture.

Usual symptoms include

  • Steady dull ache usually on one side of head
  • Pain starting from the back of your head or neck and moving around to the front of your head.
  • Pain often associated with neck pain or stiffness
  • Pain may be aggravated by neck or head movements.

What PhysioFit can do to help

  • Correction of joint stiffness
  • Soft tissue therapy to release tight muscles.
  • Exercises to retrain weak neck musculature.
  • Postural correction