What's that pain in my heel? | Physio FIT
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What’s that pain in my heel?

What’s that pain in my heel?

Do you experience pain in the arch of your foot when walking?

This could be due to an inflammation of the connective tissue in the arch, known as the plantar fascia.

When you walk, theĀ  inflamed plantar fascia pulls through its attachments at the heel bone and can cause heel pain too.

Physiotherapy and podiatry are first-line treatments for plantar fasciitis, to unload the painful arch, reduce the inflammation and prevent further injury and impairment.

Symptoms may include

  • Pain in the heel or arch of the foot, particularly in weight bearing
  • A feeling of walking with a stone in your shoe

What physio can do to help

  • Massage and stretching to reduce the tightness in the plantar fascia
  • Tips on self management to reduce inflammation and reduce tightness
  • Manual therapy techniques to relieve pain and promote healing of damaged tissue in the foot
  • Progressive strengthening to increase arch support and improve lower limb biomechanics
  • Tape to support the arch until your muscles are able to do the job
  • Advice on the exact shoe for you
  • Orthotics if ongoing support is required
  • Progressive return to daily and sporting activities