The CrossFIt Craze: Fast Results vs Significant Injury | Physio FIT
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The CrossFIt Craze: Fast Results vs Significant Injury

The CrossFIt Craze: Fast Results vs Significant Injury

CrossFit has been around now for the best part of a decade and has a very strong following. Unfortunately, Physiotherapists are seeing significant injuries in people pushing themselves to the limits.

While there are many benefits from this type of training, you need to be sure that you are being instructed correctly (by someone with adequate qualifications!) and not injuring yourself along the way.

Watch the interesting video below on CrossFit.

How can a visit to PhysioFit help your gym program?

  • Injury prevention through our FitScreen program – used to identify and measure areas of vulnerability in your physical makeup and put measures in place to reduce risk
  • Development of self guided ‘prehab’ programs – easy to follow flexibility and strength programs
  • Fast and efficient treatment of injury – same day booking service with clear diagnosis and treatment plans
  • Communication with trainers– direct communication with trainers to ease your stress at training modification.