The 3 Biggest Mistakes People make with Back Pain and how to avoid them | Physio FIT
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The 3 Biggest Mistakes People make with Back Pain and how to avoid them

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The 3 Biggest Mistakes People make with Back Pain and how to avoid them

Do you suffer from back pain? Would you like to get back on track?

This article could change how you manage your back pain and help you recover faster!

 “About 80% of people report that in some point in their life they suffer from back pain. And over 50% of back injuries will relapse and worsen even after initial symptoms of pain have resolved”


  • If left without treatment, most cases of back pain will get progressively worse, affecting your work and home life, along with your ability to participate in your favourite activities and exercise.
  • With each consecutive flare up, your back pain takes longer to resolve and is harder to treat, costing you more avoidable expenses.
  • Extended periods of back pain can also start to impact on your mental health!


  • Patients who seek help from an experienced physiotherapist who has expert training in eliminating back pain will recover much faster from their pain and restrictions.
  • Support and guidance from your physiotherapist means you are in expert hands and not trying to just “push through it” or recover on your own.
  • Most importantly you will learn how to minimise and manage relapses, reducing time spent out of action and enabling you to return to normal daily activities as quickly as possible.

 “Too many people still think back pain can be fixed with bed rest, heavy pain medication, TENS machines, and intense “core” strengthening exercises. All of these are misconceptions that we now know can make your back pain much worse.”

If you’ve ever wondered why you suffer from re-occurring back pain and are desperate to learn how to manage your symptoms then keep reading – these three common mistakes will show you where you may be going wrong.

Mistake 1: Excessive Rest

The human body wasn’t designed for prolonged rest – our bodies thrive off movement. Bed rest can make the back muscles much more relaxed and deconditioned, making your spine more sensitive to movement after a long period of rest. The number one recommendation for patients with back pain is to try to keep mobile, even if it’s just for a 10-15 minute walk. Your experienced physiotherapist will design a treatment and exercise program tailored to your type of back pain to help you get back on track.

Mistake 2: Ignoring that niggle

Many people choose to ignore their back pain (or say ‘it’s just a niggle) for as long as possible, hoping it will resolve on its own. And sometimes it might, however it often returns with greater intensity and will take longer to recover from. The earlier you seek treatment, the easier your recovery process will be.

Mistake 3: Poor Technique

Lifting is a normal daily task, but if you’re using the wrong technique, you are at a higher risk of injury. Whether you’re lifting weights in the gym, carrying children or packing shelves – Remember bend at your knees, not with your back and keep whatever you’re lifting close to your body.

If any of this sounds familiar, and relates to you or someone you know who is struggling with back pain, then you’ll be pleased to know we can help. With our specialised Back Pain Elimination appointment, one of our expert physiotherapists will assess exactly how your back pain is affecting your day to day life, what activities you wish to return to and identify what’s causing your back pain. We will put a super clear plan in place – showing you exactly what we need to do together to eliminate your back pain and more importantly prevent its return!

Make the decision to get out of pain today – book your Back Pain Elimination appointment by calling us on 55286000 or follow the online booking link!