Sports Injury Screening Gold Coast | Physio Fit
Get your sports injury screening & physiotherapy at Physio Fit in Gold Coast to get the data that allows you to improve your performance and to minimise future risks.
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Sports injury Screening & Physiotherapy Gold Coast

Whether you are commencing a sport or physical activity or looking to optimise your performance, a sports-specific screening can provide invaluable information. The aim of screening is to provide data that will allow you to improve your performance and minimise any future injury risks. Screening can be performed at any time, however is particularly useful during pre-season or before commencing a training program.


Through years of experience working in elite sport, PhysioFit physiotherapists have designed sports specific screenings for our patients.


Screening is dependent on the individual sport or activity but typically involves a thorough physical assessment of strength, flexibility and movement. Joint range, muscle strength, tightness and stability will all be tested. Our physiotherapists use results from the testing to develop a specialised treatment plan and recommend strategies to have you performing at your best!