Podiatry - Physio FIT
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Podiatry is another of the allied health services provided at PhysioFit for those seeking treatment of specific foot and lower limb conditions. Your feet are complex – they have a number of bones as well as a network of muscles, ligaments and joints. Just like any other part of your body, feet are vulnerable to injury and disease but unfortunately cannot be replaced like a pair of shoes,  so it’s important to look after them!


You may need to consult a podiatrist for treatment of a range of conditions including:


•    bone and joint disorders,
•    skin and nail disorders,
•    corns, calluses, ingrown toe nails,
•    sporting injuries and
•    muscular, neurological and circulatory complaints.


Our podiatrist can also provide treatment and specific foot care management strategies for patients with diabetes and arthritis.


Our podiatrist at PhysioFit knows that different feet have different needs and can provide treatment for children’s feet, mature feet, sporting feet as well as feet affected by disease.