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Our New Reformer Pilates Classes give you a full body and mind workout

Our New Reformer Pilates Classes give you a full body and mind workout

Are you wanting to get stronger, leaner and more toned? Need to improve your mobility and flexibility without having to endure a high-intensity cardio session in a crowded gym? Let us introduce you to our new Small Group Reformer Pilates classes at PhysioFit.

A low-impact workout with dynamic results, our clinical reformer Pilates classes are based on the Gold Coast and are led by our highly trained instructors with over 20 years experience in delivering personalised programs, just for you.

Whether you’re recovering from an injury, wish to improve your strength and flexibility or are an elite sportsperson, our classes are designed to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

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Have a question about our upcoming classes? We’ve put together a quick Q & A to help you gain a full understanding of our supportive and transformative classes.

PhysioFit Reformer Pilates Gold Coast | Q & A

I’ve never done reformer pilates – is this for me?

We understand that signing up for your first Pilates class can be a bit intimidating, even confronting. A fear of falling off the machine mid-class and lack of coordination are quite common, yet unfounded worries amongst beginners.

We’re here to assure you that you’ll do just fine. Providing you with step-by-step guidance, we introduce you to the machine and go through each movement slowly, ensuring you always feel comfortable with each exercise.


They say reformer Pilates is good for both the mind and body. Is this true?

A balanced, whole-body workout, our classes improve strength, balance and flexibility. They tone and build long lean muscles, putting to work all your intrinsic support muscles, along with the important ‘look-good-in-the-mirror’ ones.

Realigning your body, especially after sitting for most of the day, our pilates classes increase mobility in your hips, spine and shoulders – unlocking you and correcting your posture.

Our classes also help to reduce stress, tension and pain, while boosting your energy levels.


I have a pre-existing injury – will reformer pilates help or hinder my recovery?

Before you begin your first class, we take the time to understand your current level of health and fitness. Our clinical Pilates instructor will then design a program so that each exercise you undertake is tailored for you. We also monitor your condition regularly to make sure you’re seeing improvements on an ongoing basis.

Clinical Pilates can be a highly effective way to treat and manage musculoskeletal conditions like neck and back pain or chronic pain. By addressing any deficits in spinal mobility and muscle length, you can take the pressure off over-worked joints and improve your flexibility and movement.


What are the benefits of small group clinical Pilates reformer classes?

With a maximum of five people participating in each class, we’re able to provide personalised instruction and corrections to your technique. Clinical reformer Pilates is designed to improve posture, flexibility, muscle strength, control, balance and core strength. Our small classes enable you to enjoy the full benefits and see optimum results.


How challenging are your reformer pilates classes?

While our classes are low-impact, each session is challenging. However, the level you wish to challenge yourself is up to you (and gently supported by our team).


How long will it take before I see the benefits?

We’re very honest when we say that your first class may be a little challenging and you will feel muscles that you never knew existed in the days that follow. And this is GOOD, it means it’s working.

Under the careful direction of our highly qualified and professional pilates instructors, you’ll quickly benefit from our expert guidance and personalised exercise programs, enabling you to achieve your health and fitness goals FAST!


What’s the difference between clinical reformer pilates and regular pilates?

Our clinical reformer pilates provides a more personalised approach to your treatment and goals. Our program is based on the latest scientific evidence, ensuring you get the most effective training possible. Working with our qualified instructors, we will support you with your personal journey, and provide a professional program that will reduce the risk of aggravation or injury.


What’s the cost of a class?

Casual visits are $35 and a 10 pack of sessions is $300. We offer a FREE ‘come and try’ session for all new starters giving you the opportunity to meet our instructors, check out our studio and enjoy your first reformer Pilates class with us.

Are you ready to improve your strength, tone your muscles and optimise movement for a healthy and fulfilling life?  Join us this week! Simply click the big blue button below to book your class.

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