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PhysioFit’s Active Lifestyle Program and FREE Information Seminars

PhysioFit’s Active Lifestyle Program and FREE Information Seminars

In November PhysioFit is introducing 2 new programs to benefit our community:

  1.  PhysioFit’s Active Lifestyle Program
  2.  FREE Patient Education Seminars

PhysioFit’s Active Lifestyle Program will provide a safe and encouraging class atmosphere where patients feel motivated to regularly participate in improving their own health, fitness and well-being. The Active Lifestyle Program will consist of small groups of up to 5 participants (>50yoa) in a circuit based environment using our pilates reformer, free hand weights, swiss balls, steps and bike. Classes will be run at various times during the week, with participants getting most benefit from attending at least 2 classes a week. The Active Lifestyle Program has been developed and will be run by our Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologist. Classes will run for 50 mins and will be targeted at improving strength, flexibility, core stability, balance and general fitness.

The FREE Patient Education Seminars will help at-risk members of the community gain better understanding about chronic conditions they may be suffering from. The seminars will educate patients about how to manage their chronic disease and the importance of regular physical activity, highlighting benefits it can have on their long term health and well-being. These seminars will be held on a quarterly basis and include topics such as diabetes, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, persistent pain and falls prevention.

Call us to inquire further about these 2 exciting additions to our services