Personalised Strength Training For Teens | PhysioFit STRONG
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Personalised Strength Training For Teens | PhysioFit STRONG

Personalised Strength Training For Teens | PhysioFit STRONG

Strength Training For Teens – Gold Coast

Introducing PhysioFit STRONG: Personalised strength training for teens

Is your teen looking for a new way to get fit, increase strength and escalate their sports performance?

Worried about sending them to a gym, where they may lack professional guidance, supervision and risk long-term injuries? We completely get it and that’s why we’ve developed our PhysioFit STRONG program, focused on strength training for teens.

Run by our highly-trained, professional physiotherapists, PhysioFit STRONG is designed to help adolescents improve their fitness, strength and conditioning, while also minimising injury risk.


Why it’s important for teenagers to exercise 

Adolescents have their own specific needs in terms of physical and athletic development. During this stage of their lives, they’re going through a huge amount of change – physically, mentally and emotionally.

With today’s world being crammed with distractions, especially for teenagers – their days can easily become chaotic. From phones and social apps through to movies, music, friends and school, exercise can often become the last priority.

But, kids need to be active. In fact, it’s recommended they get 60 minutes of physical activity every day, or at a minimum, 30 minutes three times a week. Providing unparalleled benefits for your teen, regular exercise is great for both their physical and mental health. It also helps them develop healthier lifelong habits.


 The benefits of strength training for teens

PhysioFit STRONG provides your teen with an opportunity to switch off, where there are no distractions, and their only focus is on their fitness. Helping to build strong bones, lean muscle and robust joints, strength training for teens also helps prevent obesity, high blood pressure and abnormal cholesterol levels.

And for their minds, exercise releases endorphins which helps them to feel good. It can also help them to sleep, improve their confidence and give them a real sense of achievement #smashinggoals


PhysioFit Strong are tailored strength training programs

In our 45 minute classes, we dedicate our gym for teens only on school afternoons. Designed to include functional movement, using a combination of bodyweight and gym equipment, we assist adolescents in building stronger, fitter bodies with improved mobility and flexibility.

We understand there’s a massive span of development amongst teens. That’s why we personalise a program to suit each child’s level of fitness. Advising your child on the best training methodologies and techniques for them, we help them to prevent injury on and off the sports field.

As with any of our classes, our priority is to teach good technique and for our class members to learn and use proper form. Progressing intensity and slowly increasing load, we do this in a considered and supervised manner, always. Our physiotherapists are exceptionally experienced in working with teenagers, ensuring they are safe and free of injury.


Concerned about your teen injuring themselves at the gym?

We understand you may be worried about the risk of your teen hurting themselves or even sustaining a long-term injury. We know that many common injuries are caused by people lifting too much or pushing themselves too hard, too soon. Our PhysioFit STRONG program is meticulously structured to gradually bulletproof your child from injury.

Meeting with your teen, our physiotherapist will assess their current level of fitness and discuss their goals. We then establish a 3-month plan. Beginning slowly and increasing gradually, you can rest assured that your child is being carefully and safely instructed by our qualified team. Providing close guidance in a welcoming and supportive environment, we welcome all levels of ability.


 Who are our gym sessions for?

Our classes are perfect for young people starting in the gym, for those wanting to progress their strength training in preparation for sport, or for teens wishing to improve their general health and well-being.

Our physiotherapists have experience in programs aimed at building lean muscle mass in the gym. So even if your teen is purely motivated by increasing muscle size then we can help tailor a suitable program.

A highly effective program for kids playing high-performance sports, such as rugby, AFL or soccer, PhysioFit STRONG complements your child’s fitness goals and offers a perfect training platform in the off-season.


Meet our qualified instructors

Closely supervising and working with your teens to achieve their fitness goals, our instructors are trained physiotherapists. With an in-depth understanding of the physical capabilities of adolescents, we ensure your kids aren’t lifting too much weight, making sure there is no stress on their joints, ligaments or growth plates.

Welcoming your teens into our PhysioFit team, they will feel well-supported, mentored and encouraged to reach their ultimate fitness goals.


Class Schedule

Dedicating our gym for teens outside of school hours, we offer our PhysioFit STRONG classes throughout the school week at 4 pm.

Classes cost $38 or $350 for a 10 pack. Private health fund rebates apply.

Select your class:

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Ready to activate your child’s strength and fitness training with a tailored PhysioFit STRONG program?

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