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Maximise your teen’s athletic performance with PHYSIOFIT STRONG – High Performance

Maximise your teen’s athletic performance with PHYSIOFIT STRONG – High Performance

Strength Training For Teens – Gold Coast

Maximise your teen’s athletic performance with PHYSIOFIT STRONG – High Performance


Is your teenage son or daughter serious about their sport? Do they:

– Want to get BIGGER and STRONGER?

– Want to jump HIGHER?

– Want to run FASTER?


Then they NEED to strength train.

To perform to the best of their ability and keep up with the pace of their sport, teens need to add a weights program to their training regime. But how do they do it safely?


Introducing PhysioFit STRONG – High Performance

PhysioFit STRONG High Performance is a weights-based training program for teenagers, specifically designed to maximise athletic performance.

Our PhysioFit STRONG instructors are PHYSIOTHERAPISTS with additional qualifications, experience and training in strength and conditioning.


Advanced strength training to take your teen’s fitness to the next level

Has your teen’s weight-training plateaued? Are they no longer smashing their strength goals? Our instructors have extensive knowledge in ADVANCED TRAINING METHODS and can push them to the next level.

Or maybe your teen has never been into a gym before? Our instructors can teach them the basics and will put together a program to suit their needs. You will be AMAZED at the results.

Whether it’s your teen’s first time in the gym or they’ve been lifting for a few years, we can help them achieve their strength and sporting goals. We can even work around any injuries or niggles they might have!


About PhysioFit STRONG High Performance classes

PhysioFit Strong sessions are 45 minutes long and are restricted to a maximum of 5 participants per class. This ensures your teen receives close supervision and expert technique instruction.

To start, one of our instructors will assess your teen’s current strength level and discuss their goals. We then establish a 3-month plan that works around their existing training. Keep in mind, the off-season is a PERFECT time to start or progress their strength training.

A highly effective program for those in high-performance sports such as rugby, basketball, rowing or soccer, PhysioFit Strong offers a perfect platform for teenagers wanting to smash their sporting goals.


 Class Schedule

Dedicating our gym for teens outside of school hours, we offer our PhysioFit STRONG High Performance classes throughout the school week.

Classes cost $38 or $350 for a 10 pack. Private health fund rebates apply.

Ready to up the ante on your teen’s sports performance?

Yes, I’d like to book a session!