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PhysioFit and Australia’s Top Swim Club

PhysioFit and Australia’s Top Swim Club

Over the past 5 years PhysioFit has developed a strong link with TSS Aquatic – the swim club based at The Southport School. Recently at the age national championships in Sydney TSS Aquatic confirmed their status as the best swim club in Australia by taking out victory in the National Age Championships.

How does PhysioFit ‘add value’ to the TSS Aquatic swim program?

  • Injury prevention through our SwimScreen program – used to identify and measure areas of vulnerability in a swimmers’ physical makeup and put measures in place to reduce risk
  • Education Evenings – Physiotherapist presentation to TSS Aquatic members on swimming related issues
  • Development of self guided ‘prehab’ programs – easy to follow flexibility and strength programs
  • Fast and efficient treatment of injury – same day booking service with clear diagnosis and treatment plans
  • Communication with coaches – direct communication with coaches and parents to ease the athlete’s stress at training modification.

Contact PhysioFit today if you’d like to know more about our involvement with elite swimming or how we could help your club!

See below for an excerpt from the TSS Aquatic President’s report:

“I am pleased to present TSS Aquatic Annual report on the activities of TSS Aquatic from August 2013 to April 2014.
Throughout this season TSS Aquatic representative teams participating at State and National levels have continued to increase:
The 2013-2014 swimming season continued to see the growth and development of TSS Aquatic, recent achievements of TSS Aquatic include: First place at The Australian National Age Championships and at the Queensland Championships and ninth at the Australian National Open Championships.
TSS Aquatic Swimmers currently hold seven National Age Titles with TSS Aquatic recently achieving its first Open National Gold medal when Kelly Marquenie, Mel Garibaldi, Celine Garibaldi and Kiah Melverton won the Women’s 4x200m Freestyle Relay.
Throughout the season TSS Aquatic Coaches and Swimmers have been selected for various teams and squads to compete locally, interstate and internationally.”