“How a football player took control of his pain and smashed his off-season training goals” | Physio FIT
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“How a football player took control of his pain and smashed his off-season training goals”

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“How a football player took control of his pain and smashed his off-season training goals”

Do you suffer with hip and groin pain or tightness when training? This important article could make the world of difference to you.

Hip and groin injuries consistently account for up to 30% of all missed games across the football codes.

If left without intervention by a skilled practitioner then hip and groin pain usually gets worse, training loads need to be reduced, players lose speed and agility, rehab time takes longer and in some cases surgery is required.

The opposite of this is seeing an expert; someone who is involved in football codes every day and understands the training demands of the sport. Who can identify your risk factors and put a plan in place to reduce pain, allow you to return to full training quickly, increase your speed and agility and even avoid surgery.

“I’m sick of young footballers being told their hip and groin pain is just a NIGGLE and they need to just REST. It does NOT work. Resting just means the pain will return and the underlying issues aren’t dealt with”

If you train hard and want to get away from hip or groin pain then keep reading. This story of a young footballer may change the course of your training and have you back to your best.

It was a Tuesday in early November and a 16 year old rugby player came in to the clinic experiencing hip and groin pain that was preventing him ramping up his off-season training.

He described pain when running and lifting leg weights in the gym. He was rightly concerned as he was worried he wouldn’t achieve his goals for the off-season and would fall behind his team mates when training resumed in early February.

We tested him in the clinic by putting him through a football screening. Measurements of strength and flexibility were taken, video recorded and comparisons were made to desirable levels for similar athletes.

We found that he tested poorly on 3 crucial hip and groin tests – meaning he was at a high risk of worsening symptoms and extended time away from training if he didn’t act immediately.

After discussing his results with him and his father we set a plan in place to rectify his risk factors. He worked diligently on the program we set him, his test scores improved and we are pleased to report he is now back on track and ticking off his goals for his off-season training.

If any of this relates to you and your training then you’ll be pumped to know we have developed a screening process to identify risk factors and prevent hip and groin injuries and reduce time away from training.

Our 3 step process will guide you step by step to help you achieve your training goals.

If this story resonates with you then book a football screening with PhysioFit and let us help you prepare for the season and achieve your best!!