FAQs - Physio FIT
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We are always happy to answer your questions. Contact our friendly staff with any queries you may have. In the mean time here are some questions we are often asked.


“Do I need a referral from my Doctor to see a PhysioFit health professional?”

All our health professionals are first contact practitioners so you do not require a doctor’s referral to see them. Simply book an appointment with us.

There are some instances where we require a doctor’s referral. Eg: Medicare Chronic Disease Management, Department of Veterans’ Affairs, Worker’s Compensation and CTP Insurance claims require a doctor referral. Our clinic administration staff can assist you further and let you know the exact referral you require.


“Are PhysioFit’s services covered under Private Health Insurance?”

Yes. All of PhysioFit’s services are claimable if you have appropriate cover with your Private Health Insurance. “On-the-spot” rebates are available using HICAPS for most major private health funds if you bring your card to your appointment. Please contact your insurer for your level of cover.


“Do I need Private Health cover to see a PhysioFit Health Professional?”

No. You can access all our services without Private Health Insurance. Our administration staff will be able to give you pricing of services upon booking with us.


“What’s involved in a Physiotherapy Initial Consultation?”

Your 45 minute initial consultation is the crucial first step for us to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. During your initial consultation we cover 3 vital steps to ensure we best help you.


1. We conduct a thorough interview (subjective assessment) where we ask questions and seek clarification of your current condition and past medical history. We get crystal clear on what activities you wish to return to and what your health and fitness goals are.


2. We undertake a comprehensive assessment (objective examination) where you perform a series of movements and we conduct a series of orthopaedic tests that allows us to get clarity not only on your current condition but underlying factors that may be contributing.


3. We devise a treatment plan that outlines exactly what your diagnosis is, what we are going to do to help you, what you are going to do and how long it will take to achieve your health and fitness goals.


“I don’t play sport. Can PhysioFit help me?”

Of course! While some of our patients play competitive sport at the highest level many do not. We pride ourselves on assisting you achieve your goals whatever they may be!


“Do you treat children at PhysioFit?”

One of our specialist areas at PhysioFit is treating and preventing injuries in children and adolescents. We offer a clear and simple diagnosis, treatment plan and exercises that get the best results for your child.


“What should I bring/wear for an appointment?”

As part of our thorough assessment and treatment, it is often necessary to be able to see the site of injury. Athletic wear such as shorts for lower limb injuries or singlets for upper limb injuries is preferred. It is also useful to bring your preferred running shoes and/or daily shoes if it relates to your injury, especially if you are attending for podiatry services.

Sports bras can inhibit the view of your spine and as such, it is preferred that women wear regular bras.

If you have any current or old imaging/scans that relate to your injury, it is helpful to bring these along to your first appointment.


“How many treatments will I need?”

The number of treatments required to alleviate pain and address underlying causes varies greatly between patients, injury types and your goals. Your physiotherapist will take you through a detailed treatment plan and answer any questions you have during your initial visit.


“Is parking available?”

We have 2 parking spaces located right in our driveway for those requiring direct access, and unrestricted street parking near the clinic.


“What is your cancellation policy?”

We send you a courtesy reminder the day before your appointment and ask that you contact us if you need to reschedule your appointment or class. We understand that sometimes emergencies arise and plans may change. Please don’t be offended if we charge for your appointment if insufficient notice isn’t given. We have a waiting list and can always help someone else.


“Can a PhysioFit Health Professional refer me for scans?”

Physiotherapists can refer you for x-rays, ultrasounds, CT or MRI scans. Based on current Medicare funding, some will be bulk billed and others will incur an out-of-pocket expense. Our qualified Physiotherapists will be able to recommend the correct scan for your injury and discuss any questions you have about each type of scan.


“Does PhysioFit do home visits?”

Yes. If you have mobility issues we can arrange home visits in our local area – Main Beach and surrounds. We can also attend your home gym or local gym with you, as part of your treatment plan to help ensure that you are training safely.


“I have never done Pilates before, where do I start?”

Pilates is a fantastic form of exercise to get you moving well and feeling great! Our Pilates trained Physiotherapists deliver the best in Clinical Pilates. If you haven’t done Pilates before, a 1-on-1 session with one of our Physiotherapists is the place to start. Your first session will allow us to assess you, teach you the Pilates basics and develop the best plan to maximise your results. After your initial assessment you can continue with 1-1 sessions or move into small group classes.